Zack Snyder’s Justice League Image Shows Violent Steppenwolf Atlantean Scene

Zack Snyder offers an update on his upcoming Justice League HBO Max project with a preview of the violent Steppenwolf versus Atlanteans fight.

A new image from Zack Snyder’s Justice League reveals a violent encounter between Steppenwolf and an Atlantean. In a couple of months, the highly anticipated Snyder Cut will finally roll out on HBO Max, less than a year after it was confirmed by the director himself. Given this, marketing for the project is ramping up and Snyder is doing his share by providing updates on how he’s doing with assembling the final edit.

It’s no secret that Justice League had a troubled production. Snyder actually finished principal photography when he had to step away from the film due to a personal tragedy. Instead of simply picking up where his predecessor left off, interim director Joss Whedon made significant changes to the story, partly motivated by Warner Bros.’ notes. This resulted in an incoherent narrative that had a lot of missing pieces, including full backstories for some characters, not to mention action set pieces, including the massive Parademons vs Atlanteans fight which was already shot.

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Much like a lot of elements in Snyder’s DCEU film, Warner Bros. apparently deemed that specific battle too dark which is why it was left on the editing room floor. Now that the director is regaining total creative control on his film, he’s bringing it back and he’s giving a sneak peek at what it will actually look like once the new version of Justice League releases on HBO Max. Check out the image shared on Snyder‘s official Vero account below:

Zack Snyder Justice League Parademons Atlanteans Fight Vero

In the caption, the director also teases the music for this particular moment. Initially, JunkieXL was going to provide the music for Justice League, but when Snyder left, he was also replaced with Danny Elfman. Granted, Elfman did a great job scoring BatmanBatman Returns, and the main music for Batman: The Animated Series, but this also didn’t sit well with fans of Snyder. And since the director’s goal in releasing this new HBO Max project is to satisfy his loyal followers, it only makes sense that he’s also bringing JunkieXL back with him.

With Snyder getting total creative control on this project, expect that he’s not holding anything back with regard to what he actually wants to do with it — especially since this could very well be the last time that he’s going to work on a DCEU project (although this new story won’t exactly be official canon). Recently, he even floated the idea that HBO Max’s Justice League is going to be rated R, something that wouldn’t be possible if it was going to have a traditional theatrical release. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for everyone as fans and Snyder got what they want, while HBO Max acquired a high-profile project that is drawing a lot of attention to the streaming service.

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