Wonder Woman 1984 Parody Video Pokes Fun At DC Movie’s Plot Holes

The DCEU’s latest installment, Wonder Woman 1984, had more than a few confusing plot points, and a new parody video pokes fun at several of them.

A new parody video breaks down the plot holes found within Wonder Woman 1984. Gal Gadot’s second solo outing as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, was once scheduled for release in 2019. However, following a slew of delays (many of which were caused by the coronavirus pandemic), Wonder Woman 1984 finally made its way out into the world at the end of December. It became the first movie to try out Warner Bros.’ 2021 streaming plan, which will see every movie released in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. While this seems to have worked for HBO Max, the box office results for Wonder Woman 1984 are harder to discern.

The same is true for its critical response. While Wonder Woman 1984 was initially met with positive reviews, its Rotten Tomatoes score began to sink around the time of its release, and fan reaction has been heavily mixed. The movie follows Diana in the 80s, having settled down for a solitary life. However, following a brush with an ancient artifact known as the Dreamstone, her long lost love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) returns to her side. What seems like a dream, though, turns far more complicated when the Dreamstone falls into dangerous hands.

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On the internet, many have pointed out the various flaws within Wonder Woman 1984‘s plot. Some of those flaws get the parody treatment in a new video from The Warp Zone, which creates several “deleted scenes” explaining the plot holes. From the mechanics of the Dreamstone to what happens when someone makes a genuinely positive wish, nothing’s off limits here. Check it out down below.

Indeed, as more and more people watched Wonder Woman 1984, more baffled responses emerged online. One particularly controversial plot point is Steve’s return, which was explained in the film by having him appear within the body of a stranger. The Warp Zone video takes shots at this detail, with the stranger calling 911 after reassuming control of his body. Though director Patty Jenkins seemingly defended the story decision online, many still feel uncomfortable about it.

While 2017’s Wonder Woman was met with near-universal praise, its sequel has become far more polarizing. This seems to fall in line with some recent blockbusters that failed to impress audiences, like 2019’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. While Wonder Woman 1984 might not be as bad as some are making it out to be, it’s hard to deny there are a lot of things that don’t make sense about its story. Hopefully things get a bit simpler for Wonder Woman 3 so it can avoid endless discussions about its plot holes.

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Source: The Warp Zone

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