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Bloober Team has released a new gameplay video for its upcoming psychological horror game, The Medium.

The trailer offers players a glimpse at what the game’s protagonist, a Medium named Marianne, will be able to do in the game. Marianne wields special abilities that let her uncover secrets and solve mysteries with the help of involve spirits. She is able to see, feel and sense things in the real world that other people aren’t able to pick up on.

Watch the video below.


Through Marianne, players will be able to use clues left behind from the spirit world, such as the location of hidden objects, or memories and emotions that are emitted from physical objects that belong to the deceased through “echoes”. These echoes will enable her to experience an previous event that occurred specific locations, giving players yet another piece of the puzzle that they will have to solve.

Marianne will also be able to cross over into the spirit world, which allows her to discover fragments of spirits frozen in time. She will have to piece the fragments together to relive what the spirits where thinking and say at that specific time.

Players also will be able to communicate directly with the lost souls in the spirit realm. The spirits trapped here are unable to cross over into Heaven or Hell due to unresolved issues, and players will have the ability to help them find peace.

The Medium will be released on January 28 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game will also be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on launch day, alongside other new additions like Control and Desperados III.

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