Turkish man wins $5,000 in court after being fired over cracker

A man from southern Turkey’s Diyarbakır province has won nearly TL 36,000 ($5,000) in compensation after being fired from his workplace for not invoicing a cracker worth TL 0.50 (7 cents).

Yücel Korkutan filed a lawsuit through his lawyer Gülben Elhakan after his contract was terminated at a grocery store six years ago.

He had worked at the market for 716 days and was store manager between 2013 and 2015

A local court in the Kayapınar district said Korkutan was entitled to severance and notice compensation since the defendant could not prove the labor contract was terminated with justified reason.

“At the time when my client’s labor contract was terminated, he was in great trouble financially and spiritually,” Elhakan told Anadolu Agency (AA) on Monday.

She said her requirement had requested compensation for overtime, annual leave, working on national and religious holidays and equal pay for equal work. The petition said the employee violated the equal pay rule by paying Korkutan less than other store managers.

“We are pleased that the process has ended in this way with my client, who has won the legal battle with this decision made in accordance with justice,” she noted.

“A dispute that could have been resolved in a simple way has cost the employer much more,” she noted.

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