Trump expected to issue 50 to 100 commutations, pardons before term ends – rapper Lil Wayne on the list

President Trump is expected to issue between 50 and 100 commutations and pardons before he leaves office this week, two sources familiar with the list told Fox News.

The sources told Fox News that the announcement of the pardons will likely come in one large batch on Tuesday, but there is a slight chance the White House will wait to make them official until Wednesday morning. The president has until noon on Wednesday to do so.

Fox News has learned that there was a meeting at the White House on Sunday afternoon finalize the growing list of pardons and commutations.

Despite an aggressive campaign by WikiLeaks to try to secure a pardon for its founder Julian Assange, the president is not expected to give him one.

Fox News has also learned that rapper Lil Wayne is on the list, while former Trump associate Steve Bannon is described as being “TBD.”

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