The 100 Show Spinoff Could Move To HBO Max

After ending an exclusive partnership with Netflix, The CW is looking to other streaming services like HBO Max to host The 100 prequel series.

The planned prequel series to The 100 may be getting a new home on the HBO Max streaming service. The series creator Jason Rothenberg has been developing a potential spinoff of The 100 for at least an entire year, and the show’s final season even included a backdoor pilot for a possible prequel series. If produced, this new show would center on the children of the main series’ villain, Bill Cadogan.

The 100 found huge success on The CW, but part of that success was also due to the show’s streaming availability on Netflix. In fact, it was an exclusive deal with Netflix that allowed The CW’s shows like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to find new streaming homes on the platform. But now, The CW has officially closed their exclusive deal with Netflix, meaning that the executives behind The CW can seek out other streaming platforms for their upcoming shows.

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In a discussion with Deadline, CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz explained that the fates of shows like The 100 spinoff are up in the air, but that HBO Max could potentially pick up the series. But other shows like Green Arrow and the Canaries have a less positive outlook. “We’ve been in ongoing discussions about both The Canaries and The 100. Unfortunately, I think at the moment The Canaries is not going to go forward. But The 100 is still in very active discussions. There is a component with Max if it happens.”

The 100 cast

It would make sense for The CW to move some of its upcoming series to HBO Max, because the two companies already have an established relationship. Some CW series, such as Stargirl, also premiered on the now-defunct streaming platform DC Universe, and when DC Universe was shut down, all the DC shows were moved to HBO Max. With some CW shows on HBO Max already, it would make sense for the network to send other series like The 100 prequel there as well.

Of course, there is also the possibility that The CW may drop The 100 spinoff altogether in favor of other projects. According to Pedowitz, Green Arrow and the Canaries is already a no-go, and The 100 spinoff is not safe from this fate either. However, given the fact that The 100 remained hugely popular all the way up until its final season, it seems unlikely that the network would turn its back on the series. If Pedowitz’s statements are true, fans may be seeing The 100 spinoff on HBO Max soon.

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Source: Deadline

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