T3’s Best of CES Awards 2021: The greatest gadgets from the (virtual) big tech show

After 50 years of in-person gadget showcases, the huge CES tech show had to go virtual this year. But CES 2021 still turned out to be just as packed with excellent gear as ever, from the smallest little gadgets right up to huge wonder-appliances.

Though we were sad not to have the chance to scour the halls for hidden gems ourselves and talk with the creators of the gadgets we love the look of, we still had great fun this year looking out for the new releases that rose above the rest, and digging into what makes this year’s crop so exciting.

All that work has led to this: our list of the best tech of CES 2021. There’s so much great-looking stuff that nearly made it here, but these are the gadgets that just edged ahead, for reasons we’ll explain with each one. It looks like 2021 is going to be a bumper year for tech, but if you want to know what to really keep your eye on, look no further. Well, a bit further. Down, specifically.

Best of CES 2021 badge

(Image credit: Samsung)

Best phone: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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