Strong LG system can break shackles of dynastic politics: Kamal | The Express Tribune


If Pakistan is to break the shackles of dynastic politics, it must have a strong local government (LG) system and timely LG elections, declared Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chairperson Mustafa Kamal on Friday.

“A few dynastic families have been ruling the country for decades, furthering their own interests at the cost of the common man,” he said while addressing a meeting of the Lawyers Forum.

Kamal said the current rulers of the country and the torchbearers of dynastic politics were aware that if only a thousand talented young people emerged from the local government, then an army of new leaders would be ready to take the country’s reins in a few years.

He added that the PSP would take the peoples’ case to the courts with the support it had received during its November 8 rally in Karachi.

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