Raisa Vanessa in New York Fashion Week for first time

Istanbul-based luxury haute couture and ready to wear brand, Raisa Vanessa will unveil its latest collection at the New York Fashion Week on Sunday, Sept. 8.

Raisa Vanessa’s exceptional brand, which combines Turkey’s cultural richness with international fashion standards has had a lot of international success. The brand will present its 2020 Spring-Summer Collection, “The Lambada,” in a fashion show at the Spring Studios, within the official schedule of the New York Fashion Week for the first time.

Raisa Vanessa’s SS20 “The Lambada” collection combines powerful women with unusual designs. It is inspired by a dance genre that prevailed Brazil in the late 1980s. The lambada frenzy, which spread from Broadway to disco nights to Hollywood – inspiring movies, recordings, collections and pieces.

The collection features 50 designs and presents dance and fashion in an artistic form. The designs, brought to life by specially textured fabrics, unite with feminine patterns with high romantic attraction. Uğurhan Akdeniz will be the set and show director, while the makeup will be done by Maybelline New York.

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