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A special vacation, event or be it a medical reason- there are plenty of times in life a woman doesn’t wish for her menstrual cycle to play spoilsport on her plans. As anyone!

Even if your menstrual cycle comes up like clockwork and you one of the lucky ones, chances are, it doesn’t always work according to your plans. From cramps, mood swings to the irritability and rashes, having periods can be pretty uncomfortable, especially when you already have something important on your mind. Hence, the wish to ‘postpone’ your periods.

The big question remains- are there ways to actually postpone your periods?

Medically, yes there are pills which can help delay the flow of hormones and work to postpone your periods. With the advancement of science, there are some ways for women to put their periods on hold for a while, temporary, or the long run. But opting for synthetic hormonal pills or medicines may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You will be surprised to know that there are some all-natural, non-medical ways to delay your periods for a while. Remember, you may not be able to outsmart or fool mother nature, but some of these remedies listed below can definitely be worth a try during times of crisis!

Here are some natural herbs and medicines which can delay your periods

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Known to detoxify the body and promote weight loss, there are some old beliefs which suggest that there is yet another use of this humble drink- delaying menstruation.

In fact, a lot of researchers have found out that the highly acidic content present in the ACV solution can help delay periods-upto an extent, but there’s no credible proof to support it yet.

Considering it as a good beneficial drink for your body, consider having a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (in warm water) regularly for 10-12 days before your expected date.

If not delay periods, drinking ACV can definitely help with the bloating and the harsh cramps which make your period woes so uncomfortable.

2. Using gram lentils

Gram lentils, which can be found in every kitchen can also come of use when it comes to delaying your menstruation.

According to some hacks, there is evidence to suggest that using fried, powdered lentils can delay period cycle.

But there are some side-effects to the same. Excess consumption of lentils can lead to digestive troubles and flatulence.


Using gelatin might come to be of use as a cure in emergency cases.

An ancient Chinese remedy, some believe that gelatine, dissolved in warm water can push back periods by some hours, at the very least. It may not be a science-backed measure, but there are women who swear by this hack.

For the ones who want relief for a long while, the gelatin treatment can be repeated again a couple of times.

To use this, all you need is a couple of spoonfuls of gelatin powder or crystals mixed in a cup of warm water.

4.Lime juice

Lime juice, much like apple cider vinegar is also considered to be a period postponement hack.

While lime juice is hailed for its vitamin-c rich properties, the same citrus extract may also come of use in delaying your periods! Plus, it can also relieve any period complications or ease PMS pain which women experience. Some also believe that having citrusy fruits and juices also lightens up the blood flow. Make sure you have fruits, veggies and juices rich in vitamin C days leading up to your cycle.

Again, do remember that having too much citrusy or acidic content can lead to gum and teeth deterioration or irritate your stomach.

5. Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth)

According to Ayurveda, using fuller’s earth is not just good for better skin health, but may delay your periods too.

Some ancient hacks suggest women wanting to delay periods to add about 25-30 grams of fuller’s earth with a cup of warm water and have it regularly for a week before the expected date of menstruation. Some even suggest drinking the concoction for 3-4 times a day to see benefits.

Do remember this is not a science-backed cure so proceed with precaution.

6. Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds, popularly used in Indian cooking is also something a lot of women swear by in times of emergency. Soaking a spoonful of mustard seeds in water/ milk overnight and having them a week before the expected date can prove to be helpful. Antioxidant-rich chia seeds may be helpful in a similar manner.

Are there other natural ways to postpone periods?

Apart from foods, there are also some other natural methods to postpone, or temporarily delay periods. Exercise and massage are some options.

Since a lot of athletes often go by missing their periods due to extreme workouts they follow, it is said that rigorous exercise may postpone periods in cases. But, there is also scientific proof that suggests that exercise can regularize, instead of delaying periods.

Getting a uterine massage may also be an option to consider. Not only is it very soothing and relaxing but as experts believe, it can also be a hack to delay periods or postpone cycle. This technique works best when you seek professional help.


There are foods and natural techniques, apart from medicinal help you can try to postpone periods.

While these methods are safe to try, they may not be the most effective or work for everyone.

Again, there can be downsides of postponing your periods in the long run or consuming the foods in excess.

Since they are not foolproof remedies, there can also be chances of irregular bleeding or spotting which you can expect.

If you are considering halting your periods or searching for a way to deal with regular period woes, getting a gynaecologists’ opinion before trying out something on your own is advised. They can also devise ways and offer solutions which will help you in the longer run.

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