Portable UV purifiers, no-touch tools: Gadget innovations vs. COVID-19

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, January 22) — With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, gadgets that help protect individuals from the contagious virus take center stage.

In an interview on CNN Philippines’ The Exchange with Rico Hizon, tech vlogger and gadget enthusiast Carlo Ople shared devices that have ultra-violet or UV-purifying capabilities. Among these is the CrazyCap, a bottle which a rechargeable water bottle cap that comes with a UV sanitizer light.

“You can use this cap to either quickly sanitize sabihin nating [let’s say] small items such as your utensils, siguro [perhaps] your wallet, your phone, and then even your water,” explained Ople.

Air purifiers, meanwhile, cleans air using UV technology and releases air that is germ and allergen-free as much as possible, he added.

For those looking for masks, they can purchase ones with built-in purifiers, too. These masks can be controlled using a phone app, which also checks the air quality around the one using it along with the purifiers’ battery quality.

However, the vlogger did note these masks “could be expensive and hard to get.”

For those wanting to avoid touching possibly contaminated surfaces, multi-tools are your friend. These no-touch tools can be used to latch on door handles or touch surfaces, and they are made out of metals like copper.

Still, Ople reminded these gadgets aren’t meant to take the place of current health protocols aimed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“It shouldn’t replace the masks, it shouldn’t replace the physical distancing, it shouldn’t replace the hand-washing and the sanitizing. These are all add-ons. At the end of the day, yung pinaka-importante yung apat na sinabi natin na ‘yon [what’s most important are those four things we mentioned],” he explained.

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