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While lots of people are awaiting the next Sony State of Play so we get some hopeful updates on the year’s major releases such as God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Horizon Forbidden West, there are plenty others who are waiting for the PS Plus February 2021 free games to be announced. A new game has already been confirmed as the PS5 freebie, and here you’ll discover what it is, and you’ll also find some PS Plus February 2021 predictions for the PS4.

You still have plenty of time left to download the January freebies which are Greedfall, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Maneater. Greedfall is an underappreciated RPG that’s well worth a gander for BioWare lovers, Maneater is a fun distraction, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the best instalment in Lara Croft’s most recent trilogy.

While the above selection of games are no doubt fantastic, below you’ll find some predictions for the PS Pus February 2021 free games, and you’ll also find the confirmed PS5 freebie.

When will the PS Plus February 2021 free games be announced?

The PS Plus February 2021 free games could be announced on January 27th.

Sony’s free games for the next month are usually announced on the final Wednesday of the current month, so the 27th is likely when the PS Plus February 2021 freebies will be revealed.

However, Sony has occasionally revealed the titles on a Monday or Tuesday, so just expect the titles to be unmasked in January’s final week.

While it’s not 100% confirmed that the freebies will be revealed on January 27th, we do know that the PS4 games should be downloadable on February 2nd as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and co expire on the 1st.

Now let’s look ahead to what the titles could be.

PS Plus February 2021 predictions

The PS5 free game isn’t a necessary part of the PS Plus February 2021 predictions as it’s already confirmed to be Destruction All Stars.

While Destruction All Stars is confirmed to be the free PS5 game, our PS Plus February 2021 predictions for PS4 include Little Nightmares and Far Cry 5.

Although it’s very rare that Sony offers the predecessor to a new game releasing in the same month, Little Nightmares is a guess of ours because it was recently available at no cost on PC and was part of the January Xbox Games with Gold line-up. It would also be a good way to encourage more people to buy Little Nightmares 2.

In regard to Far Cry 5, this is purely a guess because Far Cry 6 was delayed meaning we won’t get to explore a Ubisoft open-world in early 2021.

Far Cry Primal came out in February 2016, Far Cry 5 was released in March 2018, and Far Cry New Dawn came out in February 2019. It most likely won’t happen, but the offering of Far Cry 5 would be appreciated.

Another prediction is Resident Evil 7 because of the upcoming Resident Evil showcase which suggests Capcom are ready to build the hype towards Village (although a Village demo would be much better).

It’s also possible that we could get another Bandai Namco game instead of Little Nightmares seeing as they’re the publisher, but Little Nightmares would be a fantastic treat for those who never played the game and are not following its sequel set to come out on February 11th.

None of these predictions are likely to come to fruition as most of the time the selection feels purely random, but there should be two games in addition to Destruction All Stars which will be exclusive to PS5.

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