Microsoft adds new password generator and password monitor features to Edge browser – Times of India

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for its Microsoft Edge browser. The update brings the Edge browser to version 88 and includes features like password generator, password monitor and more.
With this update, Microsoft offers a built-in password generator that can be used when signing up for a new account or when changing an existing password. This is an automatic process and users will be able to see the browser-suggested password drop down in the password field. If a user chooses this password, it will automatically save to the browser and sync across devices, said Microsoft.
Besides this, the company also claims that in case any of the user’s passwords saved to the browser matches with those seen in the list of leaked credentials, Microsoft Edge will notify them and prompt them to update their password. This feature, called Password Monitor, is said to scan for matches on a user’s behalf and is on by default.
Another feature that Microsoft Edge 88 version boasts of is increased transparency in terms of data being accessed. It has a new layout for the permission section for sites with which users share their location, camera, microphone and more.
“You can review, edit, and reset site permissions, as well as see which permissions have recently changed. It has never been easier to manage your privacy for sites you visit,” said Microsoft.
The company is also claiming that it is making cookie management easier as this browser version is said to come with an option to keep the cookies they need for an optimal browsing experience and delete the 3rd party cookies that they don’t, rather than having to delete everything at once.

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