Micro review: ‘The Fate of Butterflies’ by Nayantara Sahgal – Times of India

‘The Fate of Butterflies’ by Nayantara Sahgal explores what intolerance would lead us to.

The book is named after the practice some schools would ask students to do, catch butterflies and press and pin them up as decoration. The book starts with the protagonist Prabhakar finding a corpse on a road, naked but for his skull cap. He mulls on how this man suffered the fate of a butterfly.

Prabhakar is a professor of political science and tries to stay aware of the changing political climate. As others are also subjected to hate crimes stemming on intolerance, he watches in alarm as to where the country is heading.

Though it is a slim book, it’s filled with a lot of insight. It’s a must read for every Indian.

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