‘Luca’: New Image From the Next Pixar Movie Teases a Summertime Adventure for Two Friends

Pixar has released a brand new image from Luca, the studio’s next adventure-filled feature. We first learned about Luca all the way back in July 2020. Directed by Enrico CasarosaLuca will transport us to the summery Italian coast. There, we’ll get into a mythical adventure with Luca and Alberto, two friends who are actually sea creatures that take a human form and do fun human things while they’re on dry land. So, basically, Luca is one part The Little Mermaid, one part an Elena Ferrante novel, one part Miyazaki, and 100% a movie we can’t wait to see.

On Monday, Empire magazine released a new image from Luca. The image puts Luca and Alberto front and center in the frame. The two friends with a sea creature-sized secret appear to be hanging out in the town square of a small Italian town. Just behind them is a fountain bearing the likeness of what also looks like a sea creature; is this a connection to Luca and Alberto’s lives under the sea? It also looks like these two friends are planning their next human adventure, of which there is plenty when you live on the Italian coast in the summertime.

Image via Disney/Pixar

Speaking to Empire, Casarosa shared how Luca is deeply rooted in his own childhood and memories of friends during that period of his life: “I was born in Genoa, and my summers were spent on beaches. I met my best friend when I was 11. I was really shy and I found this troublemaker of a kid who had a completely different life. I wanted to make a movie about those kinds of friendships that help you grow up.”

Casarosa also revealed on Twitter over the weekend that we won’t have to wait much longer for a Luca trailer. The director answered a fan question about a trailer release date by teasing, “We’ll need your patience for a few more weeks.” Can’t wait!

Luca is set for release on June 18. For more, check out the 10 biggest Disney Investor Day takeaways from December 2020 that you should know about.

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