Look who’s here: Conor McGregor makes eyes pop in Dubai

Conor McGregor, the ultimate showman of UFC, will be the star attraction at Abu Dhabi’s iconic Fight Island on January 24, where he faces American Dustin Poirier.
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Dubai: It’s time to get excited, because someone famous and who you might know rather well, is in town.

Let me give you a few clues.

He makes a living beating up people, has a silverback gorilla tattoo on his chest and goes by the nickname of ‘Mystic Mac’.

Yes, you guessed it, its Conor McGregor, the Notorious Irish fighter who is one of the most dominant MMA fighters in the history of the UFC. He boasts incredible knockout power and backs it up with his trademark ‘trash talk.’

Love him or loathe him, he’s sheer entertainment. But not for the 19 guys he has put to sleep during his explosive career.

He is ultra-famous – which is why a picture of him holding a Life Pharmacy bottle of water in Dubai went viral and was liked by over one million fans.

McGregor is in the UAE to compete at UFC 257 at Abu Dhabi’s iconic Fight Island on January 24, where he faces American Dustin Poirier in a much-anticipated rematch of their September 27, 2014 fight which the Irishman won via a brutal first-round TKO.

He plans a repeat of that fight and took to Twitter to post an ominous message: “I like Dustin. I think he’s a good fighter. He’s even a great fighter. But great is still levels below me. I’ll knock Dustin out inside 60 seconds.”

McGregor, who landed in town last week, has been spotted working out at UFC gyms in JBR and Business Bay, which were completly shut down to accommodate the former champion who sparred in strict privacy with fellow Irishman Dylan Moran.

McGregor also posted pictures of his villa and a sleek set of wheels, while baring his chest and famous tattoos, the tiger on his stomache et al. Conor’s tattoos are another key aspect of his style game is his unique tattoo. Let it be the silverback gorilla on his chest or the tiger on his stomach, there is some hidden meaning behind those tattoos.

People make tattoos on their bodies which people believe are very meaningful. But not McGregor.

He once said: “I don’t spend months picking it, I just see it, get it and just enjoy the experience of being inked on my body for the rest of my life. I don’t know what it is.

‘‘So the next time you’re out and about in Dubai, be on the lookout for the scariest man on earth, with or withought the Life bottle of water, his T-shirt or luxury wheels.’’

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