Is This the Perfect CES Gadget for Young Children?

The Skoog Cube is a sensory cube that’s perfect for kids aged between three and nine.

skoog cube

The Skoog Cube is a sensory stimulation cube for children aged between three and nine.

Originally designed for children with learning disabilities to express themselves through sounds and music, the Skoog suite has grown to incorporate more activities suitable for kids of all abilities.

The Skoog Cube team was at CES 2021 to showcase their product and announce some big news—they now have an official partnership with Sesame Street.

What Is the Skoog Cube?

The cube’s range of games and activities is impressive.

For example, there are stories in which children can determine the outcome, a musical interface for playing and singing along, brain games, and more.

You also get 8GB of memory for offline music playback, and the ability to use the Skoog Cube as a Bluetooth speaker for audio tracks you’ve got saved elsewhere. There is even a headphone port, so the fun won’t distract the adults in the room.

The cube itself is soft and squishy, making it safe to be around even younger members of your household.

There is also an accompanying app that lets parents take control of various lights and sounds on the device.

What’s the Sesame Street News All About?

At CES 2021, Skoog Cube confirmed that its first official content partner would be Sesame Street.

Using Sesame Street “Wonder Dots” (which are small, soft RFID dots that attach to the exterior of the cube), the voices of various characters from the series will come to life across the toy’s various games.

Why Is the Skoog Cube So Good?

One of the main reasons we love this toy is due to the sheer number of activities it will offer kids without needing to rely on a screen.

Screen time remains an ongoing issue for little kids, with parents all-too-often turning to tablets for entertainment.

The Skoog Cube will ship later this year. No price is yet confirmed.

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