Is drinking too much milk harmful for your body? | The Times of India

Milk might be healthy and nutritious, but drinking too much of it in a day does not guarantee better health. Excessive intake of anything is harmful even if it is something as healthy as milk. As per a Swedish study, drinking too much milk in a day can be linked with mortality and increased risk of fracture. For researchers, too much milk meant three or more than three glasses a day. The results of the study were even more disturbing in women. In the case of women, it was found that having three or more glasses of milk each day can nearly double their risk of death as compared to those who just drank less than one glass each day. Men have not been affected in the same way as women, but it can definitely increase the mortality rate.

According to another study, published in 1997 by researchers at Harvard University drinking too much milk does not ensure fewer bone fractures. The study carried out on 77,000 female nurses for 10 years did not show any significant difference in the numbers of arms or hip fractures between those who drank one glass of milk a week or those who drank less milk.

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