Internet of things specialist wins Leeds contract

Internet of things technology specialist HomeLINK has won a contract with Leeds City Council to improve the safety and wellbeing of residents.

As part of the £500,00 investment from GovTech Catalyst for the district, about1,000 environment sensors, such as temperature, humidity and CO2 (carbon dioxide), will be deployed in up to 1,000 of its homes.

About 50 of these properties will also include further smart technology, like the Aico SmartLINK Gateway, for the remote monitoring and management of fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems.

This project, in partnership with the University of Leeds and the University of York, follows as Phase 2 from an earlier deployment in six properties.

Luke Loveridge, chief executive at HomeLINK, said: “We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with Leeds City Council, the University of York and the University of Leeds on the next phase of this £500k GovTech challenge.

“With a deployment of up to 1,000 smart homes, we will test and develop new maintenance and wellbeing services for social housing residents. I’m glad that we are part of a partnership that has the experience and technology to support Leeds in this journey.”

Stephen Blackburn, data and innovation manager for Leeds City Council, added: “It’s great to be able to continue working with HomeLINK on Phase 2 of this government-funded GovTech Catalyst project.

“We’re keen to promote Leeds as an innovative city where new technology can be tested and trialled. This project offers us a great opportunity to better understand how new technology and data insight can help us further improve the service we deliver our tenants.”

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