Galaxy S21 teardown gives us our first look inside Samsung’s 2021 flagship

While it has just been a few days since Samsung unveiled the all-new Galaxy S21 series, teardowns of the devices have already started popping up online. The first teardown comes from YouTuber PBKreviews, and it gives us a good look at what’s inside the Galaxy S21.

As you can see in the attached images, the Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn’t appear to be a whole lot different from the Galaxy S20 on the inside. Both the devices have a similar construction, with a motherboard at the top next to the camera modules, followed by the battery hidden underneath a wireless charging pad, and a speaker assembly at the bottom that hides a daughterboard. But while the overall construction may not be drastically different, Samsung has made some key changes in the latest model.

Unlike the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S21 features two mmWave 5G antennas on either side of the device. The top speaker assembly on the Galaxy S21 is also slightly different, and it’s packed with foam balls to make the speaker sound louder. Another striking difference between the two devices is the placement of the vibration motor. On the Galaxy S20, the vibration motor is placed under the speaker assemble towards the bottom of the device. While on the Galaxy S21, the vibration motor is placed in the top right corner of the device. Additionally, the ribbon cable for the display on the Galaxy S21 can be removed, unlike the one on the Galaxy S20. This is may help make third-party repairs a whole lot easier.

Along with the changes mentioned above, Samsung has also made some other minor changes within the Galaxy S21 to accommodate the new hardware and provide better thermal performance. You can watch the Galaxy S21 teardown video attached above for a closer look at what’s inside the new device.

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