Flipkart daily trivia quiz March 31, 2021: Get answers to these five questions to win gifts and discount vouchers – Times of India

Flipkart daily trivia quiz is live on Flipkart mobile app. As part of its daily quiz, the e-tailer is giving the participants a chance to win gifts, discount coupons and Flipkart Super Coins.
To win the quiz prizes, one has to answer all questions of the quiz correctly. Flipkart daily trivia quiz has five questions based on general knowledge and current affairs.
The quiz is available under the Games zone section. Each question has four options to choose the correct answer from.
Only the first 50,000 participants will be eligible for the quiz prize.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with their respective answer

  1. Which of these has the ability to orient itself as it falls to land on its feet?
  2. Ghar ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye’ is an idiom referring to which Ramayana character?
  3. Waymo is a self-driving car company owned by which technology giant?
  4. What station code is used by the railway station with the longest name in India?
  5. Which term was coined in 1959 by American scientist Arthur Lee Samuel?
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