Fitz responds to the internet heat after using a “r slur” on Minecraft stream

Content creator Cameron ‘Fitz’ McKay has been accused of using the slur “Retarded” while playing on the EpicSMP Minecraft server.

Fitz is the member of the EpicSMP Minecraft server, and the one among the list of content  creators who were given an invite to the same.

Things seemed to have hit the rock for Fitz after he used a slur while streaming Minecraft on Twitch this weekend on Saturday. After wandering around on the server, he stopped in the middle of nowhere and asked himself, “What am I actually doing? I’m retarded.”

Upon saying this, he came to his senses where he might have been abusive over his stream by using such slur and asked his chat, “Can I say that? Are they gonna get mad at me on Twitter?”

This quickly spread like a wildfire all within the streaming community and on Twitter as well. A majority of his fans did criticize him for his language. A plethora of Tweets started to swarm in in an aftermath of the same where some tweets stated his audience to be less offended whereas others kept on arguing on the same.

There were certain tweets as well where users sounded less surprised about making a whole lot from this scenario. As mentioned above, many of his fans supported Fitz while others still looked it up as an issue with the slur he used.

Fitz under fire for using r word on the EpicSMP Minecraft server.

Fitz, who had his mind-blown by his own actions responded in a sarcastic way, “i hope we live in a world someday where no one can say anything at all “

A user on Twitter responded to this chaos where she replied to the above Tweet, ““You can say whatever you want but people also have the right to not like what you say,”

This isn’t the first time where the 24yo Kiwi faced such harsh condemnation across his content creation career after the former was accused for the “Reason” behind the harassment Pokimane received when he joked about being in a relationship with the latter.

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