First-Person Horror Game Silver Chains Gets Creepy Trailer and Console Release Date

The publisher behind Limbo and The Binding of Isaac unveils a new trailer for the console release of first-person horror game Silver Chains.

Publisher Headup and developer Cracked Head Games officially revealed the console release date for its first-person horror game Silver Chains with a new trailer today. After releasing over a year ago on Steam, Silver Chains will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on January 29.

The latest trailer takes viewers on a tour of the old English manor players must explore in order to unravel the mysteries that lurk within its corridors. The video’s haunting score captures the eerie atmosphere of the manor, which has enough head twitching bodies and phantom toy balls to likely satisfy anyone’s appetite for terror.

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Players assume the role of Silver Chains’ protagonist, Peter, after he escapes a car accident. Peter retreats to the manor for the night, unaware of the horrors that await him. As dark forces begin to surround Peter, he will need to uncover the secrets hidden in the walls of the estate in order to escape. Players need to quickly navigate the home’s dark halls to avoid malicious supernatural creatures.

Silver Chains utilizes the power of Unreal Engine 4 to breathe life into the English manor’s foundation. The photo-realistic interiors of the abandoned mansion makes the game’s spooky setting all the more immersive.

The move to console for Silver Chains has been in the works for some time. Developer Cracked Head Games hopes the console port will help bring the title to a brand-new audience as it launches alongside this year’s already impressive lineup of horror games. With Resident Evil 8 just on the horizon, Silver Chains offers fans of the first-person horror genre a great alternative as they wait on an official release date for Capcom’s latest entry in its horror franchise.

Silver Chains was a part of 2019’s collection of horror titles, flying under the radar during its Steam launch. The game provides a solid, albeit familiar horror experience, which led Silver Chains to receiving a lukewarm critical reception. While it garnered praise for its unsettling atmosphere, many critics found the title offered little in the way of ingenuity.

Fans should be glad to hear publisher Headup is behind the release of Silver Chains. The German development and publishing company has been helping to provide players with some of the industry’s most well-regarded titles since 2009, including Super Meat Boy, Dead Cells, and the soon-to-be expanded The Binding of Isaac.

Silver Chains is available now for PC. It will release for PS4 and Switch on January 29, 2021.

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