Fallout New Vegas Vehicle Mod Launches Today With 35 Hours Of Content

Fallout: New Vegas mod adds hours of content, over 100 weapons, and drivable vehicles, making it the largest mod released for the game.

A massive Fallout: New Vegas mod that brings a fleet of drivable vehicles to the game has also added over 35 hours of content to the highly popular RPG. Fallout: New Vegas has seen developer-level mod support ever since it’s heyday, keeping the game alive for many PC players. Numerous mod-developing groups have released countless hours worth of content through mods of different sizes since the game’s release in 2010.

Fallout: New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Studios. The successful follow-up to Bethesda’s own Fallout 3 has critics and fans alike in agreement: it was amazing. Building off of the framework that Bethesda put into place in the previous installment, Obsidian added complex faction mechanics on top of the robust karma system as well as expansive choices in most quests that changed how the game’s story panned out. It also combined fantastic writing with a star-studded voice cast to create a tone all its own that still managed to fit into Bethesda’s Fallout universe perfectly.

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Gamespot has released details diving deeper into this new massive mod. Dubbed Fallout: The Frontier, it takes players to the snowy wasteland of Portland, Oregon. Adding more than 100 new weapons, drivable vehicles, and fully voiced questlines, this mod is meatier than many of the DLC packs that Bethesda has dropped over the years. The game sees fully fledged storylines that include both returning factions from the base game alongside new factions that the creators of the mod have came up with based off their own knowledge of Fallout lore.

Each new storyline is reported to be roughly 15 hours long, and the map is roughly the same size as Fallout 3‘s Capital Wasteland complete with numerous random locations that are open for exploration. A trailer has even been released showcasing various cinematic moments, new locations, and plot points throughout the mod. The team behind the massive add-on have been hard at work developing this project since 2015. The mod itself sits at about 40GB of memory so make sure to have enough space ready.

Fallout as a franchise has some players holding their breath as to what is next for the storied series. While many hope for another core installment in the series, many feel that Bethesda might go the cash grab route and stick with a multiplayer formula like it recently has with the highly controversial release and post-launch performance of Fallout 76.  Between its lackluster launch and the addition of the fan-dividing subscription service, Fallout 1st, many believe that the franchise itself will fall to the wayside.

Todd Howard himself has come forward recently admitting that Bethesda’s execution of Fallout 76let a lot of people down. Fallout 76 was released in a basically unfinished state with hundreds of glitches and what many players felt like a severe lack of actual content. Since its bumpy launch in 2018, the game has seen large updates such as The Wastelanders and Steel Dawn which added NPC’s, factions, and improved questlines to the game. But many feel it still has a long way to go to meet the expectations that were set when the game was announced, and it’s certainly far from upholding the legacy of Fallout New Vegas.

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Source: GamespotFallout The Frontier

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