Dango Products Capsule Slide accessories holder stores keys, 6 credit cards, and more

Keep your everyday essentials in one place with the Dango Products Capsule Slide accessories holder. This EDC gadget can store six credit cards, keys, small tools, coins, and more within a compact holder. Therefore, you don’t have to carry a bulky bag with you or risk leaving your items at home. It’s equipped with a paracord attachment to connect to securely attach it to your belt and clothes. In addition, it features Dango’s rail mechanism to open the lid. Therefore, you can effortlessly access the cavity. Simply slide the lid upwards to obtain your accessories. You can attach the Capsule Slide to your A10 Wallet via the Dango A-Series Adapter Plate. Overall, this accessories holder is available in black or clear with high-grade 6061 aluminum for durability.

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