Coronavirus: This is how long your body’s immune system remembers COVID infection, according to a study | The Times of India

As per a recent study published in Journal Nature on Monday by researchers in the United States and Switzerland, “The observation that memory B cell responses do not decay after 6.2 months, but instead continue to evolve, is strongly suggestive that individuals who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 could mount a rapid and effective response to the virus upon re-exposure.”

The study observed dozens of COVID-recovered patients and observed that while their antibodies may dwindle over time, they maintained levels of specific memory B cells, which plays an important role in fending off the virus. 87 people participated in the research and it was found that while the antibodies decreased over a period of one month to 6 months, remained the same.

Another study published in the journal Science this month suggested that most parts of the immune system, including protein spike specific memory B cells, could identify and continue to respond to the virus for at least eight months.

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