Converge Assure Us That They’re Not Causing Internet Outages In The Philippines

Over the weekend, an internet outage in the Philippines caused a whole lot of customers to get angry with the service provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. At least a few of those customers apparently also got very angry with the great Boston hardcore band Converge — or maybe they just got the two Converges confused. After getting some angry messages, Converge — the band, not the service provider — have clarified that they are not, in fact, responsible for any internet outages in the Philippines. A likely story.

On Facebook, Converge (again, the band) write:

Hey everyone… still just a hardcore band over here. Covid has not forced us to become an internet provider in the Philippines yet, but we hope everyone over there gets their internet access back. While you’re here though click the link to our webstore and grab yourself a cool T-shirt or something.

This is not the first time that band-name confusion has rocked Boston’s heavy-music scene. I’m sure Converge’s buddies, the former members of post-metal titans ISIS, can sympathize.

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