Cardiac health: If you cannot climb stairs this fast, you need to visit a doctor | The Times of India

According to a study presented by a team of Spanish researchers at a December 2020 scientific meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, climbing four flights of stairs in under a minute indicates that the person’s heart is in the pink of health.

As per Jesús Peteiro, MD, a cardiologist at University Hospital a Coruña and a study author explained that if it takes more than one and a half minutes for a person to ascend four flights of stairs, that means his heart health is not that good and it would be better to consult a doctor.

The research was carried out on 165 participants who were suspected or were suffering from coronary artery disease. For the study, the participants were asked to either walk or run on a treadmill while the intensity was gradually increased until exhaustion. Following this, their exercise capacity was measured as metabolic equivalents (METs). After resting for a while, they were asked to walk up four flights of stairs (approx 60 steps) at a fast pace without stopping or running. By comparing the result, it was revealed that participants who walk faster tend to have a better MET, which meant that their heart was working better than others.

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