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Treyarch has done a wonderful job of coming up with new and interesting game modes. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has tried to innovate in the field of multiplayer games, and to some extent succeeded as well. The game can boast of an immersive campaign storyline, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

In a first in Call of Duty games, modes like Fireteam and Dropkick have attracted players to a title for its immersive multiplayer playlists as well. While players have had a while to understand Fireteam, Dropkick is relatively new. The Black Ops Cold War Season One Reloaded update introduced the Dropkick mode.

We whipped up a brief guide on everything to know about the Dropkick mode, including certain tips and tricks. These will help players ace their Dropkick games in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

What is the Dropkick mode in Black Ops Cold War and how to master it?

The Dropkick mode is a simple one with a singular objective. Call of Duty calls it a “frantic game of nuclear hot potato” which adequately describes the mode. In brief, the game is about two teams vying for a briefcase containing the nuclear launch codes. However, it is much more than that.

The round begins with each team racing to the location of the nuclear briefcase and attempting to pick it up. Anyone grabbing the briefcase automatically obtains a powerful pistol, but it’s ideally up to the rest of the team to keep the briefcase carrier safe. The team with the case gains access to launch codes, as well as an ever-increasing score for their team.

If one dies while their team controls the briefcase, they will not respawn until their carrier has died and the briefcase is on the ground. If one’s team isn’t carrying the case, one must flush it out and retrieve it before it’s too late. The first team to 200 score wins.

The best strategy would be to stay close to the carrier at all times. If the briefcase is with the opposition team, it becomes essential to distract those guarding the carrier or taking them out.

Players can also use tactical equipment like flashbang and smokes to trick the opponent. Spawn trapping is also a really smart way to pin down opponents while your team has the briefcase to rack up points.

The new multiplayer mode is currently live in Season One starting January 14. Let us know if you have any other tips for the all-new Dropkick mode in Black Ops Cold War.

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