Best smart home gadgets from CES 2021

Are you curious about the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021? We hear you. That’s why today, we’re highlighting some of our favorite smart home gadgets from the biggest electronics show of the year. This list has the coolest tech you’ll want for your home, from robotic vacuums to transparent TVs.

Even though the show went 100% virtual this year, CES 2021 didn’t fail to impress when it came to smart home gadgets. There were cool concepts and innovative ways to keep your house clean, secure, and entertaining. So today, to help you decide how you want to revamp your home this year, we’re presenting you with some of the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021.

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You could go for a smart fridge that connects to your phone and helps you order groceries as well as find a recipe. That should streamline your meal prep time. There’s also a smart mirror that analyzes your skin and other health data. It’s a great way to maintain those self-care resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. One thing’s for sure, smart home gadgets in 2021 are sure to make your home life more comfortable and convenient. Let’s check out some of the best smart home tech of CES 2021.

Denon Home Sound Bar 550

Enjoy Dolby Atmos and DTX:X 3D with the Denon Home Sound Bar 550. This is the soundbar you want to upgrade your home entertainment. It delivers lifelike audio that moves in all 360-degrees.

Samsung Family Hub 2021 Smart Refrigerator Series

Another great item on our list of the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021 is the Samsung Family Hub 2021 Smart Refrigerator Series. It has an upgraded SmartThings widget that helps you order your groceries, find recipes, manage your other appliances, and so much more.

Samsung Family Hub 2021 smart refrigerator series in a kitchen

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robotic Vacuum

Keep your floors spic and span with the Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robotic Vacuum. It features sensors and AI object recognition to vacuum the floors and avoid fragile objects. It even has a camera you can use to keep your eye on your home and pets.

LOCKLY Duo Smart Lock

Get quick and easy access to your home with the LOCKLY Duo Smart Lock. It comes with Dual-Locking technology to lock and unlock the latch and deadbolt in a single motion. You’ll also get access to voice assistant integration, 24/7 door lock control, and worldwide monitoring.

Nobi Smart Lamp For the Elderly

Another helpful item on our roundup of the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021 is the Nobi Smart Lamp for the Elderly. This smart lamp for the elderly affixes to your ceiling, where it uses AI to detect falls. It also delivers 24/7 monitoring and is battery-free.

Ampere Shower Power Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Never run out of power for your shower speaker when you have the Ampere Shower Power Bluetooth Shower Speaker. It’s powered by running shower water, so it’s always recharging. You’ll also enjoy 360-degrees of sound thanks to the sound diffuser.

Samsung Bot Handy Smart Home Robot

Another innovative product on our list of the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021 is the Samsung Bot Handy Smart Home Robot. This cool robot recognizes and picks up household objects. It even helps with chores like putting away the dishes and tidying a messy room.

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

Customize your refrigerator with the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, another cool product on our list of the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021. It offers various ways to create the ideal refrigerator, including a Flex Zone that switches between freezer and fridge capabilities. It also comes in a range of beautiful colors.

LG Display Transparent OLED TV Concept

The LG Display Transparent OLED TV Concept is one innovative TV. It rolls up from the foot of a bed and boasts 40% transparency. That means it also works as a smart home device that can display information like the time, weather, or when your alarm is set to ring.

CareOS Themis Smart Mirror

Get a skin analysis right in your own bathroom when you have the CareOS Themis Smart Mirror. This health gadget has a built-in IR temperature sensor, a UV skin analysis light, and a camera. They monitor areas of your health like hygiene, skincare, and mental health. Meanwhile, the mirror uses that information to provide tips to make you healthier.

Morebot Scout AI-powered smart home Robot

Another of the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021 is the Morebot Scout AI-Powered Smart Home Robot. This robot has no blind spots and, for this reason, it’s ideal for home surveillance and pet companionship. It has an FHD camera with night vision and 4WD Mecanum omnidirectional wheels.

Cync Indoor Smart Camera

Protect your home’s privacy when you have the Cync Indoor Smart Camera. That’s because it’s easy to disable the mic and video when you’re at home. With Full HD 1,080p resolution video, you get crisp, clear footage.

DozzyCozy AirCozy Interactive Smart Pillow

Enjoy a better night’s sleep with the DozzyCozy Interactive Smart Pillow. This smart home gadget reduces pressure and tingling on your shoulder, neck, and arms, letting you sleep more peacefully. What’s more, you can connect this smart pillow to your device to play your favorite music or use the white noise function to drift off.

ASUS ZenBeam Latte Portable Projector

Take your movies and music with you anywhere with another great gadget on our roundup of the best smart home gadgets from CES 2021, the ASUS ZenBeam Latte Portable Projector. This projector is the size of a coffee mug, boasts 360-degree sound, and 300 LED lumens of brightness.

Philips Hue Amarant Linear Spotlight

Illuminate your walkway, roof overhang, or wall with gorgeously colored lights from the Philips Hue Amarant Linear Spotlight. In fact, this spotlight produces millions of colors that you can customize anytime you want. It’s a slim light that boasts a brightness of 1,400 lumens.

So, are you ready to deck out your home with the best smart home gadgets that CES 2021 had to offer? We sure are. Let us know which of these gadgets you’re adding to your wishlist in the comments.

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