Batman: Future State Makes Tim Drake Gotham’s Ultimate Dark Knight

In Future State: Robin Eternal #1, Tim Drake once again proves his superior intellect by debuting a crucial piece of tech against the Magistrate.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State: Robin Eternal #1 by Meghan Fitzmartin, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas and Pat Brosseau, on sale now.

Tim Drake is the third character to bear the Robin mantle, but he stands apart from the rest of the Bat-family. After all, he is the only one whose smarts can rival those of Bruce Wayne. Indeed, Tim was able to deduce that Bruce was Batman all on his own. Through his time as Red Robin, Tim has used his intelligence to create new technology to help the Bat-family in their crusade to protect the people of Gotham City. It’s why, at the start of 2016’s Rebirth era, Tim designed the Belfry, which served as the base of operations for his team, the Gotham Knights.

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Now, Tim Drake continues to fight for Gotham in DC’s Future State, an alternate futuristic timeline where the city is now policed by the Magistrate, an organization that is hunting down masked superheroes. And in his battle against the Magistrate, Tim debuts a new invention that could change the game for the Bat-Family.

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Robin Future State Camouflage

At the start of Future State: Robin Eternal #1, Tim Drake is on the trail of the prototype for the Magistrate’s newest weapon: a massive robot infused with Lazarus Resin, a compound made from the Lazarus Pit that could, in theory, make this new machine unstoppable. When the prototype is transferred into the city, Tim is there for the drop-off. From a distance, he keeps watch on the arrival of the prototype. But whether he is close by or far away, it wouldn’t ultimately matter because Tim is invisible.

Indeed, the superhero is now equipped with a technology he calls “a camo.” This camouflage tech allows him to hide in plain sight, and to get as close to the robot as he can without being seen by others.

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This technology would be useful in the present, and it’s definitely crucial here, in this dark future where the Magistrate rules over Gotham City. Ever since Batman started his crusade, he was one with the shadows, using the darkness to appear as nothing more than a shadow. But now, Tim has surpassed him by creating tech that actually turns him invisible.

As game-changing as this technology is, however, it does have its weaknesses. After all, it seems that it isn’t able to turn Tim invisible to machines because the Magistrate’s new robot attacks him as soon as it sees the distorted field where Tim is. What’s more, the camo appears to need a lot of energy to properly work. Indeed, Tim explains to Stephanie Brown that he couldn’t use the camo to hide and get away because he needed to divert all of its power to his shields to protect himself from his powerful attacker. For the time being, it seems that Tim Drake is the only one who has access to this technology, but if the Batgirls, the Dark Detective and the new Batman could all get it, they could use it to better operate against the Magistrate — and perhaps finally overthrow the organization.

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