Autumn flowers, ethnic designs meet at Floralfest

Floralfest, scheduled for Sept. 7-8 at Tomtom Designhood with the support of Beyoğlu Municipality this year, is preparing to fascinate flower lovers by bringing them together with the fragrant flowers of autumn and ethnic designs.

In Floralfest, which will include Turkey’s best flower designers and boutique florists as well as participants in other areas such as furniture and accessories, visitors will witness the presence of flowers in every area of our lives.

The festival, which will host flower enthusiasts for two days, will feature everything about flowers, including ethnic floral designs, palatable floral flavors, herbal care products, floral furniture and accessories. As in every year, flower trains will be closely followed. This year’s event program will feature various flower workshops.

Details of the events to be held during the festival can be followed at the website of Floralfest and the festival’s social media accounts. Tickets for the festival are available at Biletix.

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